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Rabbit Boss

"A novel of epic dimensions...marked by commanding sense of place...[and] mix of politics and poetry."

--The New York Times

"Like ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE, RABBIT BOSS will haunt the conscience of history forever."


"I would suspect that the author, Thomas Sanchez, a young writer of major talent, is part Indian. Only an Indian could have the insight into the poetry, the complexity of the Indian psyche, and an understanding of the Indian's transition of cultures."

--George Morrison, Grand Portage band of Chippewa Tribe, Minneapolis Tribune

"A rare and wonderful book...vividly [brings] to life the Indian's ironic vision of the white man..."

--Washington Post

"A classic to rank with THE GRAPES OF WRATH."


"Nothing less than an American Epic."

--The News and Observer

"Hailed as a landmark of our literature."

--Vanity Fair

"One of the twentieth century's most important books of the American West. The big themes are in RABBIT of language, compassion for the downtrodden, a sense of the frontier past that carried its own seeds of destruction. Thomas Sanchez has dared to put the dream to paper."

--San Francisco Chronicle

"RABBIT BOSS deserves to become an American classic. A great novel, spanning a century in the life and death of an Indian tribe, told with epic perspective and infinite compassion."

--National Observer

"Etched in unforgettable prose...Sanchez is to be congratulated."

--Vine Deloria, Jr., author of CUSTER DIED FOR YOUR SINS

"Illuminated by the author's personal, searing vision...Impressive as literature, history and sociology."

--Library Journal

"Its missions and messages go beyond the grievances of the past to embrace the ethos of a people in the timeless, raceless search of men to transcend themselves."

--Indianapolis Star

"Compelling, mystic and mythic...what emerges is a panorama of the last 100 years in America and a savage indictment of the despoilers of the Indians and the land. A bold book."

--Chicago News

"RABBIT BOSS is beautiful, poetic, powerful. Thomas Sanchez has a dominating talent."

--The Times (London)

"Thomas Sanchez writes with the self-awareness of Hemingway and Mailer, the epic scope of Faulkner, and the lean lines of Fitzgerald."

--Oakland Tribune